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You’re Doing Facebook Ad Sets & Audiences Wrong…
When it comes to campaigns on Facebook, Time Money Marketing excels, it is our bread and butter. 

We have been evolving our skills and refining our strategies since day one. 

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One Ad Set = One Audience
We are going to create a demo Ad with the goal to target based on interest. Lots of times we will use a lookalike audience for targeting as it will produce a more refined audience and better results; but in the case where we are targeting based on interest, this is important.

Facebook Ads are structured like this:
  •  Campaign
  •  Ad Set
  •  Ad
This article is focused on Ad Set and Ad levels of this structure.
Facebook interest targeting
This is what most Ad Sets look like in the interest section, we are targeting multiple interests because it seems beneficial. This is true, but we need to implement it a bit differently.
In the targeting section (where the interest based targeting is performed) Ad Sets are typically built out using multiple interests…it results in a larger audience for our ads right?
But is this tactic helping our campaign thrive, or is it holding it back?
Let's try this again, but do it the right way.
Instead of adding multiple interests for each Ad Set, we create a new Ad Set for each interest we want to include. (note this is still only for interest based targeting and we want to use a lookalike audience any chance we can get).
Facebook interest targeting
For this Ad Set, we use one interest. Once the rest of the Ad is created we can move onto the next interest.
Facebook interest targeting
Same thing, we finish building this Ad Set (audience).
What happens when we don’t segment interest and audience?
ad set drawing example
This is an example of how the Ad budget is distributed throughout an Ad Set. We are getting an avg CPA of $5 but we are unsure which interest is giving us that result… (uncertainty is not good)
What happens when we separate interests for each audience?
ad set drawing example
We can get an accurate look at what it is costing us for each acquisition when we structure our Ad Sets this way, because we know what each interest is costing us each time we get a lead.
As you can see above, circled in green is a winning interest (audience), because we are getting the lowest CPA. Circled in red is the audience that is costing us more for each lead.

The reason that we want to know what each interest is costing, is because without this tactic we would think leads were costing $5. In reality though, with strategies Time Money Marketing uses, we are able to see that leads are in fact costing us $2 for the “Physical Fitness” interest and $7 for “Health” interest.

After analyzing these KPI’s, we would scale based on what is WORKING and see if we can do something different when it’s NOT WORKING.
When the time comes to invest into marketing, or running your next campaign this tip is sure to bring you some success. Good Luck!

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