Article about How the Web changed in 2018
The Web Changed in 2018 — So What You Should be Worried About?
When it comes to digital in 2018, it is a whole new playing field. The game has totally changed, there is fine line between a website and a converting website. In this article, we will briefly cover the surface of a topic which we believe was valuable from “Digital Transformation Day”. If this sounds interesting to you, we definitely recommend taking a look into this topic!
Obviously the speed of a website has a lot to do with its effectiveness, but when you really take a deeper look at those numbers, it’s kind of shocking.

Mobile search has become more and more demanding over the past few years, but over 50% of users will abandon your site if they click it on their phone and it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.
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So we have a slow site, how can we make it faster? How can we ensure that our site loads in under 3 seconds? “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, is basically a place to store the contents of your website in a place online, that allows your visitors to interact and view the contents regardless of the internet connection they have.
accelerated mobile pages
This is currently being utilized by some large brands, like Instagram for example. When you load Instagram and happen to lose connection. You are able to view a few of the photos and videos in your feed, and on the discover page. This little tweak that most people don’t realize, increases user satisfaction.
Being utilized by over 30 million domains worldwide, AMP enables websites to load content on demand, it's a powerful tool.
Wix — which allows you to build simple elegant sites via its drag-and-drop platform — has a great feature built right into it, which allows you to store the contents of your site on the web, helping your site load faster on mobile and desktop. This simple change could increase your traffic by over 50% if your site is currently taking longer than 3 seconds to load.
We also recommend using the free tool “Google Page Speed Insights”, for real time feedback on how to speed up your current sites for desktop and mobile.
This is an area that most business owners might struggle to understand, but it is truly such an important aspect to your success on web in 2018 and forward.
If you have used Spotify, you might remember updating your iPhone to iOS11 and being unable to use the music controls in the Control Centre because Spotify had not integrated their play menu into the iOS yet. This little tweak, is something that matters so, so much. Integration is becoming more and more sophisticated, think of your business or sales process as a race engine. If it's not producing enough power, there are things you can tweak and alter to improve its effectiveness. Over time, integrations have been tested and put to use. Now we are able to start our car and unlock all the doors at the click of a button thanks to an integration with the engine and a remote button.
Think of the things that your site's user is doing at the same time they use your site, how can you make that experience a little bit smoother...a little more friction-free?
Simply having the ability to integrate things such as music into the Control Centre, created a friction-free experience for users trying to manage music while still in a task.
iPhone control center
This is a no-brainer, your site should be running 24/7. But this truly means your site should never be down, all links should be click-able and go to the desired destination URL. 

All images, text, links... everything needs to be unquestionably stable. There’s no doubt, users want reliability. If they expect something to be the same every time and it’s not, they are not impressed.
We recommend going to your site daily to make sure it’s up and running. There are also tools online to do certain types of tests on your URL, try em out!
Our team has been designing, building and consulting websites for almost 2 years now, and we have learned a lot in that time. But there is no question, the web is constantly changing.

Staying up to date with news and trends from credible and up-to-date sources like Google allows us as marketers to stay on top of what’s working, and easily ditch what’s not. 

Most of the stuff we learn is regurgitated into a simpler form of content like this article, but the main purpose for that is so we can teach. We simply retain much more information by teaching something directly after we have learned it. 

We have to give credit to Think with Google for providing us with the best and most up to date articles, trends, research and knowledge.

Regardless of what you do, you can always spend time improving and becoming better. If you run a business, spend time looking into marketing, web trends and predictions, be involved and best of luck!
If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about the changes that are constantly happening to the web as we know it, shoot us an email — — and let us know a little bit about yourself, your company and how you think our team could help your business succeed! 

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