Article about Facebook Messenger and Augmented Reality
Nano-Influencers — A New Wave in Influencer Marketing
Article about Facebook Messenger and Augmented Reality
By now I’m sure that we have all heard the term Influencer
But it’s time to establish the difference between an “Influencer” and the underpriced, overlooked “Nano-Influencer”.
Google’s definition of a Social Media Influencer…
googles definition of a social media influencer
Sponsored Posts
It’s not always easy to tell the difference between sponsored posts and sponsored social.  Many people struggle to differentiate between regular Instagram posts and posts paid for by a brand, especially if this is not explicitly disclosed. If it is a post paid for by a brand the FTC requires a disclosure to the audience that there is a paid partnership going on…

#ad #sponsored — visible and in plain sight

This is important for social media users and influencers to know, any time there is a form of compensation happening it needs to be disclosed!
mikes bloggity sponsored post example
Mike Morrison does it right with this sponsored trip to the mountains. Each time he does a post regarding the RV he tags @gorvingcanada and then makes it clear that the post is sponsored.
dan henry instagram ad example
Dan Henry is running a sponsored ad here, and it's very clear to the user that it is an ad so there is no need for Dan to disclose this information to his audience.
If You’re Being Compensated in Any Way... It Needs to be Disclosed
Influencer disclosure guide — Here is a free guide from Ad Standards which is meant to make it easy for influencers to find out about their sponsored posts.
Nano-Influencer Marketing — It’s No Joke
Companies are willing to pay massive amounts for stars or celebrities to do ads with their products, I bet you can think of a few examples.
IcyHot is using Shaq as the face of their brand in this ad.
But what most companies aren’t aware of, is the underpriced and readily available attention that is sitting in the hands of the majority of Instagram & Facebook users today… Who are often unaware of their own power to get results.
Regular Creator or Nano Influencer — What’s the Difference?
brooklyn scarlet's instagram profile
Here is an example of a content creator who has gained a significant following of engaged people
brooklyn scarlet ad example
A post by Brooklyn promoting a face mask product
As you can see, any regular content creator has the ability to promote products they love on their social. This possibility means huge potential revenues for companies willing to get their foot in this space.

All of the things we have been talking about all link back to one central topic content creators or influencers are unaware of the rules and regulations, as well as the implications that their content carries. Brooklyn received this face mask for free, which would be considered compensation. This has to be disclosed to the audience. Without disclosure the audience is potentially being mislead to believe that Brooklyn really loves this product. But there is a large possibility that the only reason she says she loves it so much is because in fact she did get it for free.

The main point is that Brooklyn received the face mask for free. This is considered compensation and she needs to disclose this with her followers. It would be a different story if Brooklyn went and purchased this product with her own money, and then shared that experience online with her followers.
How to Advertise for Free — To People who Actually Listen
Let’s say you’re a local gym and you are looking to expand your clientele, you know specifically who you want to start acquiring as customers and you have something of value to give them for free in exchange for a visit to your store.

Start scrolling, clicking and messaging away on Instagram to find people who are local to your area and who have a following between 400–10,000 and message them with a copy and pasted message (just switch out the name), offering them the chance to come workout at your studio for free as long as they are actively posting and promoting your gym on social media. Just say something like:

“Hi ______, we’re a local gym in Calgary and we’d love for you to try us out, in fact we’d love to give your membership to you for free! Let us know if you’d like to chat!”

Simple as that, of course change it around how you’d like but something so easy and straight to the point sent to a number of people who fit your criteria will result in an influx of free advertisement. Anytime one of your Nano-Influencers comes in to workout, they will be posting on their story and tagging your business, all of the people who watch their social media will see that you exist and one of the people they like and trust is working out there!

Try and find some local bloggers or people with fitness accounts who post about their fitness journey, those are your ideal Nano-Influencers.
When the time comes to invest in marketing or running your next campaign this tip is sure to bring you some success. Good Luck!

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more on Nano-Influencers, shoot us an email — — and let us know a little bit about yourself, your company and how you think we could help your business succeed! Alternatively, feel free to schedule a 15-minute call to get all your questions answered by one of our experts.
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