Article about getting instant credibility by pre-framing traffic
How to Get Instant Credibility… and Why Pre-Framing Cold Traffic is Important.
So, I am scrolling Instagram one day doing some engagement and checking out my feed and I come across something insane… I see Russel Brunson who's one of my idols, smiling and taking a selfie with this guy who I had never seen before but I immediately wanted to check out… you know what I mean? His name was Dan Henry or something like that, but all I remember was he had instant credibility with me because Russel had his arm around him and they were both super stoked!

Another time I was reading a book from Russel called DotCom Secrets which is basically a playbook to digital marketing… Anyways I was reading that Russel had tested this “pre-framing” method before with his own on-stage engagements. Instead of using an introduction, he created an effective and engaging video to use at the beginning of his talks. The image below shows the two people who are important to this.
tony robbins and russel brunson
To someone who doesn’t know Russel (in white) but knows Tony Robbins (in black), this creates an immediate trust for Russel.
  •  Selfie/testimonial from Tony Robbins creates instant credibility
  •  Action packed video of him talking on stage positions him as an expert
Russel was saying how his sales increased tremendously from that minor tweak and once you break this down it's hard to see why not! He also has a testimonial from Tony on the front cover of his book DCS.

Pre-framing your “cold” traffic, in other words setting people up who don’t know about you to at least like and/or trust you, is an effective way of putting your ad dollars to good use. Once you are advertising to an audience that knows, likes and trusts you, you will then be able to start converting ad dollars into purchases. Advertising to a cold audience is basically doing brand awareness and asking for the sale right away. It’s not killing two birds with one stone, but rather it is demanding! Of course, you can advertise to a cold audience in hopes of selling but you are throwing away ad spend which could be used for conversions… right?

How do we actually pre-frame someone? It all starts with what evidence you have that can create results, or who can you get to vouch for you that has credibility? You might not know Tony Robbins but you might know someone who can fill your needs!

You must provide that person with proof that you are a loyal friend of someone who they already trust looking to add value to their life in some way!
Jared Fogel from subway
From YouTube commercial promoting Subway weight loss
Another example of a pre-frame would be Jared from Subway who lost all that weight, Subway sales increased like crazy from that! Once you can pre-frame your cold audience well enough, they will already like and trust you so that when it comes time to buy, they are the ones who do.
When the time comes to invest in marketing or running your next campaign this tip is sure to bring you some success. Good Luck!
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