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Branding Online — Why Trust & Storytelling Go Hand-in-Hand
I remember the feeling of excitement, overwhelm and uncertainty rushing through my veins. Reese Bobier, my business partner approached me with an opportunity like no other. A test group from Tai Lopez had been recently put out, we could become one of the first people to join the Social Media Marketing Agency Program
tai lopez SMMA program landing page screenshot
Source: Google Images - this is what the landing page looked like!
It’s the same rush I felt as a kid, the sense of wonder and WHAT IF! I knew that it was an opportunity I wanted in on, so I acted. The course was around $1,500 CAD, I didn't have the money but VISA sure did! We purchased the course on the last night that the test group was open, kinda like getting VIP tickets to your favourite artist right before they sell out… Pretty cool right?

This was certainly a more optimistic time for me than the sad reality that was approaching me in my current job. I was knocking doors in Calgary and the surrounding areas selling energy contracts for the biggest energy retailer in North America. As a top producer in the company, I was working many hours and making a decent amount too. This job taught me so much mentally, such as what it feels like to get told no, over and over again. Tirelessly pushing on to the next door knowing that it was just a numbers game. I was doing pretty well, making well over $1,000/week. This was only until I was made aware that the Government was changing the laws in Alberta to prevent anything energy related being sold at doors. I was put against a wall, what to do what to do… I’m still unsure if I was laid off or what was happening but all I knew was I had no intention of even seeing if EI was an option. I promptly got a job at an escape room so I still had income, but this was right around the time that Reese came to me with this idea.
time money marketing's first office
One year later this is one of the places we work out of!
I grew up in the era of social media, that is why we go by The Digital Natives. I was placed into society when it was going through one of it’s biggest and fastest cultural shifts in history. I was always known as a tecchie because of my knack for computers and quickly gained knowledge of new apps/softwares. I actually wasn’t allowed to have Facebook when I first signed up for it as a kid but like most things growing up, I always wanted to just taste it if I wasn’t allowed it. My parents would tell you that anytime I wanted something I was relentlessly working to get it.

Fast forward 10 years and I am now requesting access to Facebook Business Manager ad accounts and running ad campaigns with positive ROI’s for some of the biggest boutique fitness centres in Calgary. As well as producing and capturing the content and creatives to be used in these campaigns.

Now the reason.

The reason that you trust me is that I have told a story (a few that have released some chemicals in your brain. My goal is to induce the creation of serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins in your brain thereby creating what has been referred to as the Angel’s Cocktail. The reason that this creates trust is that with my story you have been programmed to like and trust me. Okay now that I have explained, it sounds like I am trying to manipulate you.. But the reality is that in order to win your cold audience over you must tell stories in 2018 and moving forward. I highly recommend the Ted Talk where I learned this for the first time, it is just under 17 minutes so take the time to watch this!

Now the next step is for you to start remembering and writing down stories as they happen to create one giant story arsenal where you can not only enjoy memories and stories but pull them out when you need to establish trust with a relevant story!

Kyle Coutts is one Time Money Marketing’s two Founding Partners.
Kyle Coutts | Co-Founder | Digital Native
When the time comes to invest in marketing or running your next campaign this tip is sure to bring you some success. Good Luck!

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